Live Caricatures

Live Caricatures are a great way of entertaining your guests at various ‘intervals’ throughout the day, such as the period after the ceremony, while guests are arriving at your reception and before the evening meal. 

I can do a caricature In roughly 7 mins. ‘Depends on the face’ is the most diplomatic way I can put it. But it’s great craic even for those not daring enough to sit in my Caricachair!

My travel costs are nil within a 30 mile radius from my home (Ballymoney), and after that it’s 40p per mile.

 I use design marker pens on A3 design paper and for an additional £30 ( regardless of the number of guests) I can print a message of your choice at the bottom of the paper eg ” Thank you for helping Posh & Becks celebrate their big day”. 

Guests will be able to come over to my easel and get a free Live Caricature which is theirs to keep. I will also provide a protective sleeve for each Caricature.

Gift Caricatures

This is a great option if you’re not ‘local’ as a GIFT CARICATURE can be posted practically anywhere. 

I’m really passionate about this product because I believe it’s something really unique and different. And I think it’s now becoming more popular with couples who are looking for ” something a bit different “

The way this works is , the caricature is done before the wedding from your own photos. 

You then get your hand painted caricature with a border which allows your guests to add their own personal message on the big day. This is a really unique take on the traditional ‘ guest signing book’ AND a fabulous memento from your big day!!


£200 (x2 hours)



(SAVING £55)