About the Artist

I’ve been a keen semi professional landscape and portrait artist for 5 years but have basically had a pencil in my hand since I could hold one. In school I used to draw comic characters for chocolate, footy stickers, to get another kid to do my homework or to stop one from kicking my head in! Then I went onto study art through College and University.

I Do Caricatures began when I was trying to decide upon a wedding gift for two very good friends of mine. I wanted to give them something unique, humourous and something that they would be able to remember their day by. I toyed with ideas such as a handmade guest signing book and also painting their portrait , both great ideas but they didn’t QUITE have the wow factor I was looking for.

My wife Liz came up with the idea of a caricature. But I wasn’t struck by the idea at first as I wasn’t actually keen on caricatures after I’d had one done on holiday which made me look like I’d been stung by a swarm of bees! I thought if I could create a caricature that had both humour and a likeness it’d certainly be something different. Liz also had the idea of framing it with a “signing board” which would double as a guest signing book.

Needless to say they both loved it and still hangs on their wall today. Anyway, through word of mouth alone I began to get more and more requests for my work and the rest as they say is history.

Mark Bonello, I Do Caricatures, Wedding Caricatures Belfast Mark Bonello, I Do Caricatures, Wedding Caricatures Belfast